Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ozlin & Amirah

Amirah Anuar (pix above)


1) Ozlin, a loving wife and devoted mother to two small children, turned 35 this year. Young and beautiful, this soft-spoken, graceful woman had a whole life ahead of her.

Tapi kita hanya merancang; Tuhan juga yang menentukan (we can only plan, for our fate is in the hands of God). Who would have thought her journey of life would end so abruptly, depriving two little kids of their doting mother, and their daddy a loving spouse.

A colleague of my son Joe, Ozlin succumbed to leukaemia yesterday morning. She was buried in Kuala Lumpur on the same day, after Zohor prayers. Ozlin was diagnosed with terminal-stage leukaemia only two months ago.

Pak Abu and I were on our way to Temerloh, Pahang, to attend the wedding of a niece when Joe called just before noon to inform us of the sad news.

We knew Ozlin because she had joined us on a couple of occasions at the KLGCC (Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club) for karaoke, together with Joe and a few of their co-workers from the advertising agency.

She quit the agency late last year to join her husband who was based in Singapore. Because of that, we didn't get to meet her before we left for the Hajj in November last year. But she did send us a message of good wishes through Facebook.

We shall miss you dear Ozlin. Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohmu dan menempatkannya di kalangan roh-roh mereka yang beriman.

May you rest in peace and may Allah swt bless your soul and place it amongst the pious and the blessed. Al-Fatihah.


2) Amirah Anuar is a lovely young lady of 24. A smart girl, she completed college with a Second Class Upper in Finance just a couple of months ago, and harbours thoughts of doing her masters degree in the United Kingdom, just like her dad.

Four years ago, at the age of 20, Amirah lost her right leg to cancer. Ever an optimist, this plucky niece of mine, whose mother is my younger sister Ana, takes everything in her stride.

She faces challenges head-on. She makes light of her status as an OKU (physically-handicapped person), preferring instead to concentrate on other worthwhile issues like her studies and her family. Her sunny disposition had, in the past, helped us through during her hours of anguish.

One morning two weeks ago my sister Izah called with the devastating news that after four relatively quiet years, Amirah's dreaded cancer had returned with a vengeance, this time lodging itself in her lungs. All I could do was cry by the phone.

Three new lesions were detected, two in one lung and one in the other. Doctors at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, where she was admitted, had determined that the cancer was at stage four and immediate surgery was recommended.

Due to the location of the lesions, she was referred to Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute) for the operation.

Pak Abu and I went to IJN to visit her last Tuesday, a day before the operation. She was understandably nervous and very subdued.

She confided that she was afraid of what lie ahead, and that she didn't relish the idea of undergoing chemoteraphy all over again.

While the four-hour surgery went well, doctors were unable to remove one of the lesions due to its close proximity to the heart. Thus she would have to avail herself to full chemo soon.

Amirah is pragmatic about her chances; medically-speaking, her life expectancy is three years. She is aware of this and has accepted it, as we have, painful and heart-breaking as it may be.

Redha is the word. At our end, we have tried and will continue to try to help Amirah overcome this scourge any which ikhtiar we could. In the final analysis, Allah swt knows what's best, so in Him we put our absolute trust.

We love you Amirah!


Anonymous said...

We have to remind ourselves to be thankful all the time.


ReensPorchSale said...

I stumbled on your blog and so sad to read this post.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Puteri,

Al-fatehah for Ozlin. Moga roh nya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang soleh.

Our prayers are for Amirah. Ini ketentuan dari Nya. Hoping that Amirah stays strong....InshaAllah.

Adirya Kiratas said...

So sad when they're taken so young.

On the other hand, the courage and stoicism of Amirah is very inspiring. Her attitude is something we can all learn from.

Good luck to her.

Kama said...

Derebar - Indeed we should.

Reen - TQ for visiting. I'm sorry you had stumbled upon a sad entry upon your first visit.

Kay & Adirya - She's a fine girl, that one, surrendering to the will of God without question.

Desert Rose said...

Al Fatihah to Ozlin..

And Amirah,oh dear Allah, blessed her with strengh and Iman to undergo His Test....

Tommy Yew said...

Dear Puteri,

It’s sad moment like these that kept me speechless. I’m really loss for words. God work in mysterious ways & I think no one can really comprehend his ‘game plan’ for mere mortals like us.


edelweiss said...

Kak Puteri,

Al-fatehah untuk arwah Ozlin...Semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang beriman dan semoga keluarganya tabah menghadapi ketentutan Allah swt.

My prayers for Amirah. Tidak ada yang mustahil....semuanya ketentuan Allah...Have faith dik.

wanshana said...

Al-Fatihah to Arwah Ozlin. Semoga rohnya diberkati Allah SWT dan semoga keluarga dan anak-anak arwah tabah menghadapi dugaan yang amat besar ini.

My prayers are with Amirah. May Allah give her strength, tingkatkan imaan and bekalkan kesabaran to go through the necessary treatment for her cancer. My prayers, too, that she'll be given the all clear at the end of the therapy, Insya Allah.

Anonymous said...


In "The Book of Sufi Healing", Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. recommended those who are terminally ill to recite Surah Yaasin 100times nonstop..It has to be recited by the ill person herself, pastu hembus kat pokok..the plant/tree will inshaAllah die.

If she is still well and can perform the task of reciting the Surah 100times nonstop, please try to gently ask her to do so. Kita boleh ikhtiar, kan?

tireless mom said...

Dear Kak Puteri

Al Fatehah untuk arwah Ozlin. Semoga Allah mengampuni segala dosanya.

My prayers too to Amirah. Memang sudah ketentuan Illahi. These "mortals" are the privileged ones. May they have the determination to fight it. Kita pohon sangat if jadi pada kita Allah berikan kita kekuatan.

mamasita said...

When I read your entry last night, I wanted to leave a comment but just didn't know how. I just went to bed with some tears.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Puteri,

Al Fatehah to Allahyarhamah Ozlin. Moga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh nya dan memberi kekuatan & ketabahan kepada keluarga yang ditinggalkan. It is heartbreaking when they die so young, but like you said, Allah knows best.

There are a series of ayat and surah in Raden Galeh's blog as ikhtiar to beat the dreaded cancer. Blogger D also has the same in pdf format; you may have this already in hand... My prayers and best wishes to your dear niece.

-a reader in ghana-

Naz said...

Al Fatihah to Ozlin and my prayers for Amirah.

Tommy Yew said...

I was watching the current Tour de France 2009 on TV last night and I was very inspired by Lance Armstrong still holding on to third placing on this gruelling {3500km / 23 days} cycling competition.

Not only because he’s 38y.o but because he’s also a cancer fighter too. It’s amazing when you read how much he had achieved despite being diagnosed with cancer in 1996 aged just 25. He went on to win a record-breaking 7 consecutive years from 1999 to 2005! How good is that?

The guy’s positive attitude is just awesome; he was asked by a French reporter at the ninth stage, if this year’s Tour would be his last. He replied “Probably not. Maybe one more Tour.”

Check him out on wikipedia for more details of his inspiring journey in life.

Raden Galoh said...


I'm lost for words! Baca blog akak ni buat dada saya sebak sgt!

Alfatihah to arwah Ozlin. Moga rohnya ditempatkan bersama para solihin...

semoga amirah lebih tabah dari dari ini...


Cik_kembang said...

Salam ma,

As I read yr entry, my eyes filled with tears because I lost my mum due to liver cancer just 3 weeks ago. Al Fatiha to arwah Ozlin and moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat and ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. And for Amirah,we'll always pray for her wellness and good health.


Kama said...

DR, Tommy, Edelweiss, Wanshana, TM, Mamasita, Naz, Leen - Tq for the well wishes. She reads the blog and appreciates your words of encouragement.

Anon, Reader, Raden - saya nak kumpulkan ayat2 yang ada diblog Raden dan bagi kat dia. She herself pun rajin baca Quran, Alhamdulillah.

nonie said...

kak puteri,been your silent reader for sometimes,I felt sad reading this post.I believe our body can heal itself if given a proper nutrient.Came across this nutrition supplements abt a month ago when looking for help for my very sick dad.I heard it helped some cancer patients my dad 70yrs dad is well now....nonie

Oldstock said...

Salam Kak Kama,

Sedih juga saya membaca posting kali ini. I've lost family members to cancer and seeing the suffering is very heartbreaking.

To Amirah, you keep on fighting young lady, even though you have `redha' with the situation. There's a place promised in Al-jannah for kind souls like you.

amish said...


I know how you feel.

But tell Amirah please be strong. She beat it once and she can do it again. The most important thing tho, the rest of us must be strong for her too.

That's what we are doing for our friend. We even joke about how she can use it as an excuse for not wanting to meet some 'unwanted' people or if she wanna go home early. Yes, she used it a few times now. Hehe.

Please tell Amirah, be strong. There will always be hope esp with the current medical breakthrough.


_deli said...

Salam Kak Puteri,

Situasi sebeginilah yang selalunya payah untuk meluahkan kata-kata yang sesuai; maka terbitlah ungkapan-ungkapan lazim. Moi, no exception.

Al-fathihah buat Ozlin dan hanya doa yang mampu dipanjatkan agar Amirah akan terus tabah.

Seberlalunya usia, semakin banyak yang ditimba, ditempa dan ditimpa.

jaflam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jaflam said...

hope amirah will be blessed with strength and recovery.

am so thankful for what given to me and family.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salam Hajah Puteri,

Al-Fatihah to Ozlin. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama orang yang beriman.

My prayers to your niece, Amirah. From her face I can see that she is high spirited..bersabarlah. She is lucky to have her loved ones to lend her a support. You go, girl!

oops did I just say that? said...


Found your blog and has been reading your blog silently. I think you are my friend's mom when I was in Subang. Nawwar.
Anyway, I've heard about Amirah from friends and I was shocked upon hearing that her cancer is back. I learned how she fought cancer, and she was very2 brave when her leg had to be amputated. I hope she can be strong and may Allah bless her always

Kama said...

Nonie - Tq for dropping by and for the link, Nonie.

Oldstock, Amish, Deli, Jaflam, Ida - Tq for the prayers and the words of encouragement.

Oops - Salaam there, dear. Tq for visiting, all the way from Dublin. This is such a pleasant surprise! I notice you hv not been well yourself.. take care, it's always tough when one is far away from home..

Al-Manar said...

We hear about this so very often and despite the advancement in medicine and all, we are all so helpless. We have to place our trust and hope in Someone somehow. Alfatihah for your beloved niece.

Kama said...

TQ Al-Manar for dropping by and for the good wishes.

anasalwa said...

Dua and alfatihah for Ozlin.

Amirah has everything: brave, courageous,strong will and a beauty. Dua buat Amirah from across the water.

luvluvluv said...

Kak Puteri

Sad entry to read abt the pains when Cancer decided to invade the body.

Ni lah di kata kan selagi kita hidup, diduga Allah .

Al-Fateha to the late Ozlin. Begitu juga Al-Fateha to yr niece, moga dengan doa Al-Fateha, Allah meringankan kesakitan nya! It touch me deeply abt yr niece's name, cos my daughter sharing the same name !

May Allah bless both of them with lots of rahmat . Amin

Kama said...

anasalwa, luvluv, zakir - thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

i am a 40ish old man n i cried when i read this posting

Kama said...

Anon 6.12 - it's sad isn't it when they are taken away so young. We are hoping for the best for our niece. Thanks for dropping by.

Norin said...

Hi kak,

i know this post was a long time ago.. but i cant help but to leave a comment. i stumble to your blog from pak payne n keep n reading all your post n i guess there's a reason..

i'm a friend of arwah Ozlin. Classmate from Standard 6 to Form 3.. I was shocked n saddened by her death as i promised to visit her in s'pore..

My feelings goes to her husband and kids.. he has lost so much weight since her passing.

Thanks so much kak for your posting... 1 whole day of reading n refusing to do any work today i am now happy as i stumble into a posting that touched my heart so deeply..

norin f

Kama said...

dear norin

your posting brings tears to my eyes. Thank you dear for dropping by. and if by any chance you meet arwah's husband again, please send my salam. Al-fatihah for Ozlin.

Charles said...

We hear about this so very often and despite the advancement in medicine and all, we are all so helpless. We have to place our trust and hope in Someone somehow. Alfatihah for your beloved niece.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

charles: thank you for visiting and for the kind words..