Monday, June 20, 2011

The Inheritance

I have been meaning to do this for a while now but as usual, procrastination gets in the way. Until today, that is.

This precious piece of porcelain I inherited from my late grandmother upon her death in 1981. She, in turn, acquired it from her family upon her marriage, I believe.

Given that Opah married in the early 1930s and the bowl was already in her family possession by then, this piece of china must be close to 100 years old, if not older.

I am no expert but I think this bowl has value. I have no intention of parting with it but I would like very much to have it professionally appraised, just to satisfy my own curiosity. 

The bowl is still in mint condition; not a chip anywhere. In fact, I don't remember it being used at all, except as a showpiece.

If any of you know of anyone knowledgeable enough about antique china to professionally appraise this for me, I would be very grateful indeed.   


mekyam said...

hehehe, this wld be something for the "antique roadshow"! :D

kidding aside, you may just want to google antiques appraisers/valuers/authenticators online. some wld do evaluation based on photos. it'd be a start.

melayudilondon said...

Kak Kama, I will email you. I used to work for Christie's UK so have some friends who are antique valuers. Will just need clear email pics and dimensions.

Wan Sharif said...

moleklah satisfy your curiosity..:))

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Christie's and Sotheby's have offices in KL. Also, my Mama said try Jabatan Antikuiti at Muzium Negara. She had to organise some historical exhibition a while back and those people helped her. purrr....meow!