Sunday, June 5, 2011

Down, Down and Away We Go..

"Hey, look who has begun to shed the pounds!"... heheheh

The Royal Lake Club (RLC) continued its relentless slide in the Inter-club Karaoke competition by slipping into third place in last night's final held at Kelab Golf Negara Subang (KGNS).

Last year we had to settle for second placing to 'comeback kid' National Press Club (NPC), represented by a gaggle of scribes.

The year before that we clinched our fourth consecutive championship of this annual event, with strong representation from a clearly formidable team.

This year however, even the media folks were upstaged, and completely unplaced. The championship was won by the Royal Selangor Club, a deserving champion I must say, represented by a mix bag of young and old crooners.

On the bright side in last night's final, despite losing in the group category, our club champion Christopher Lee came out second from a list of 35 contestants.

Kudos to KGNS for hosting this year's final and if I'm not mistaken, next year will our club's turn to play host.

If there is one thing to be remembered, it is that our future teams have to be better prepared. Competing in the finals mean no 'syiok sendiri' song choice; songs must complement each other in order to get the maximum marks.

Having said that, our representation was ok (could be better, though); with two English, two Mandarin and one Malay songs.

It's time the Club remembers that the Inter-club competition is no longer a 'suka-suka' event; it has evolved into serious business and one look at last night's panel of judges said it all.

Noted composers Adnan Abu Hassan and Fauzi Marzuki, with Chinese artiste Vicky (didn't catch her last name), stood in to pass the marks.

All said, congratulations to the winners and better luck next time to the rest....

NOTE: One of the things I like about last night's show is the versatility presented. A Malay guy from Press Club rendered a Hokkien number, a Eurasian lady from the Eurasian Club sang a Mandarin number whilst a Chinese girl from Selangor Club belted out a Malay song. She ultimately clinched the top spot in the solo category.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri, there you went after the wedding! I've emailed you some pix. Pls check ur email... purr...meow!

ninotaziz said...

Aaahhhh, the days of the Interclub Karaoke...

Wan Sharif said...

Shedding pounds and sliding numbers!..(can that also be part of versatility?).. mmm what will you think of next ;))

Kama At-Tarawis said...

cat - we had to go home early because i was trying to avoid getting my usual heat-induced migraine..and yes, , got the pixs.. am going to put up my piece later..

ninot - miss the old days, eh..

ayohwang - tough competition this year, ayohwang.. the other clubs are getting better whilst ours belum move beyond takok lama..