Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tiger Rules Ok!

To my fellow Malaysians of Chinese origin
May the Year of the Tiger roar in
with health, wealth and happiness in abundance

2010 is also "Save The Tiger" Year
No Tiger Show - Very Ok
No Tiger Woods - Regrettable but Ok
No Tiger Balm - Manageable, thus still Ok
No Tiger In Bed - Uhhmm, Not Very Ok
No Tiger In The Wild - Not Ok At All, Ok?


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
"No Tiger In The Wild - Not Ok At All, Ok?"
Saya setuju 500%!!!! That big cat in the pix is soooooooo handsome! purrr....meow!

bRAVEhEART said...

What's on my mind?
- tiger year - ok
- tiger wood @ scandal...- ok
- tiger balm - ok
- tiger in bed - ???
- tiger in the wind - !!!
- tiger show - ? mmmm
Wow, I love tiger....huhu

Pi Bani said...

Tiger Woods buat tiger show in the wild and ended up having to use tiger balm in bed... hehehehe...

kay_leeda said...

Errr...I just heard our No1 talking about "Malaysian Tigers". Bunyi macamana eh Malaysian Tigers ni? Heh...heh...this would be interesting and worth the wait...LOL.

mamasita said...

Ooohh..What a Valentine-looking tiger you have passionate looking..romeo-looking betul!

Kama said...

Cat & Mamasita - Yes, he's indeed very sexy-looking! Hensem gilerr.. lol

Braveheart - I love tigers too, especially lagu "Tiger In The Rain"..

Pi - Hehe.. pandai you merangkaikan kata-kata..

Kay - Bunyi Malaysian Tigers? "MEOWW.."

Zendra-Maria said...

Aiyah like this soosah lah, i need a tigerrr in my tank...

Kama said...

Zen - after reading your entry baru I ingat about this old Tiger In The Tank advertisement. It would have been nice to say 'No Tiger In Your Tank - Not Ok, The Car Won't rRun!"