Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Fleas On The Camel's Back

Paper Tiger

Tuned in to CNN after dawn prayers, only to catch Tiger (in the) Woods blaming money and fame for his despicable behaviour. Promptly switched off TV. Tiger who?

"It's about time you grow up, be a man and shoulder the responsibility, son. You made your bed, so you lie on it, and not tell lies about it. Your string of lurid affairs has nothing to do with money and fame; it has everything to do with your inability to keep your pecker where it belongs."

When Old Isn't Gold

"Saya Tak Restu" (I Did Not Give My Blessing), screamed the headline of today's Harian Metro. Accompanying it were profile pictures of two people; someone named Jamaliah and '80s singer Shidee.

How ironic, to think that 51 year-old Shidee found fame with the song "Sayang Semuanya Sudah Terlambat" (Pity Everything's Too Late). It certainly is too late for 47 year-old Jamaliah for, not only she got unceremoniously dumped by him, she is now his reluctant mother-in-law!

According to the news report, the duo were an item for four years, (she's a single mother while his marital status was not disclosed) when he did an about-turn and eloped with the woman's 22 year-old daughter, Fairunnisa, last weekend.

"I had helped him out financially many times over. He was also close to my three kids; he taught them how to pray and to read the Quran. They even called him 'papa' and 'uncle'. And at one time he did express his intention to marry me."

Poor Jamaliah. You have my sympathies. He's out of your life, but not quite. From boyfriend to son-in-law..... ooooo boy! [I read in one Malay entertainment blog this morning that the Jamaliah-Shidee 'friendship' had been an open secret for years. Wallahuallam, sekadar membaca].

PS: In a sidebar, Shidee responded by saying that he fell in love 'on the quiet' with the 22 year-old over time. He also said they never eloped; "She came with me on her own free will." Shidee added that his wife has made a police report over her mother's claim.

Nasihat Makcik Kama kepada Fairunnisa: Dunia ini bak roda, hari ini mungkin hari kamu, hari depan belum tentu. Ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa. Sentiasa ingat, syurga itu dibawah tapak kaki ibu. Walau apa sekalipun, sebaik-baiknya janganlah membelakangi ibu semata-mata kerana sudah terjebak dengan janji manis lelaki.


kay_leeda said...

Yeah... I remember that song by Shidee "Sayang Semuanya Sudah Terlambat". Used to tell BFs tak menjadi to buzz off and go listen to that number.

I feel for Jamaliah. "Fell in love 'on the quiet'" - ha bagus lah tu...harapkan pagar, pagar pulak nak jadi belukar yer. Men....

mamasita said...

As one of our most respected senior bloggers I am always in awe with you when you write such just know how to hit the nail real smart and whack them left and right without overdoing it.

Yes yes yes!! SOKONG!
p.s. Jantan tak malu..waah syoknya alasan dia..shame!!
Ngaku je lah sebab miang..

Pi Bani said...

Hmmm... so now Shidee calls his ex-gf mama? And Fairunnisa calls her hubby Abang Uncle?

Zendra-Maria said...

And what does kiddo call "papa" now?


Kama said...

Kay - 'jatuh cinta dalam diam-diam" katanya.. adusss, meremang bulu tengkok dengar..

Mamasita - as a mother I feel for Jamaliah. we too have daughters dalam lingkungan umur tu. it's not so much the fact that he's 51; it was his devious way that got to me.

Pi & Zen - I think Ling-Kup is more like it.. :)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Yes Puteri, I agree with u, no excuses will set things right in infidelity cases. And that man with his step-daughter affair case, that's totally unacceptable. Reminded me of the Woody Allen / Mia Farrow incident. Ewwwww that's just disgusting!!!


P/S - Can I get u another glass of Ice lemon tea :)))

Anonymous said...


Have you noticed our Pak Malim has gone off the radar. I am sure he would have plenty to say. Mana dia?


Kama said...

Tommy - I have not been able to come to terms with that Wooody Allen - Soon Yin affair until today, despite the fact that they have been married for years now. It disgusts me still...

Derebar - I dont know why Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim has not been commenting (not only in my blog but elsewhere too it seems), but he pops up with clockwork regularity in my e-mail with all kinds of snippets and funny animal pictures...

NanaDJ said...

So it is not 'terlambat' for Shidee. Men!!! Of course he will go for the young daughter when the mother is nearly pass her shelf life! Shidee has such a gentle and goody goody voice,what a let down.
As for Tiger, I think the press wouldn't be so harsh if he is one of 'them'.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Affairs of the heart or dirty old men? I'm only 3 yrs old so anyone older than 5 would be very very old... Anyway, my Mama said she remembers when she was a little girl, her kampung was scandalised. First, widow of her late uncle married a younger man. (toyboy?) Then this younger man eloped with her young daughter. Ini kisah benar in the 1970s. Until now we don't know where those two had gone. The mother finally went to kadi's office and fasakh. Aiyo...malu satu clan! purrr....meow!

D said...

Kak Puteri,
Forgive me for being oblivious of the local goss. Oh dear... I think the young lady really really made a mistake!

Al-Manar said...

Kalau dah takdir - asam dilaut ikan didarat pun boleh!

Kama said...

Nana - speaking of shelf life, kita pun near expiry date

Cat - ewww! words fdail; me..

D - I only hope they will find that elusive happiness and live happily ever after..

Pakcik - put that way, very true pakcik..

soleilina said...

story Shidee tu macam nak sama pulak dengan storyline The Bold and The Beautiful where this character named Brooke stole and later on married her daughter's husband..apa nak jadi daaa???

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salam Kak Puteri,

Hi How r u? Dah lama i tak mai sini..Rugi lah i dah miss memacam kisah kat sini.

But kes Tiger Woods ni la..memang dasar RIMAU la. I saw the public apology thingy, he did not indicate that he had any regrets pun. Expressionless, macam another of his quickies pulak.

Ni kes Shidee ni, sigh..apa jenis manusia la ni. Tak tahu apa I nak comment, kot time dia mengajar bebudak tu mengaji, dia dok kenyit mata kat Fairunnisa kot...Jamaliah tu tak perasan ke? Heran la pulak.

Oldstock said...

Salam Kak Kama,

I read this post of yours yesterday but had to hold back commenting on a subject as sensitive as this until I can think of something appropriate to say. I have not been following the Tiger story. Cerita pasal Shidee pun setakat baca headline je.

Anyway, here's what I think. There will always be men like Tiger and Shidee anywhere. Men who take advantage of women because fame, power or money.

But there are as many men who are kind and loyal to their partners too... cuma cerita pasal lelaki macam ni don't quite make it to the papers la. Good behaviour don't make good news. Women who have such men as their partners claim that they are so lucky. Those yet to find such partners say that good men are hard to come by, or that all the good ones have already been taken (sebab tu ada yg berkenan kat suami orang, agaknya).

Cerita pasal older men going for younger women dah banyak kita dengar. I personally know of a few. Ada yang timbul masalah, tapi ada juga yg kekal bahagia.

In Shidee's case, the peculiarity of the situation begs other answers. Jamaliah, the single mother, apparently had been seeing him for four years. So what exactly is their relationship? Dua-dua dah veteran... takkan kira macam bf/gf lagi? How come she has not managed to secure his commitment after four years? She allowed her grownup daughter to be close to someone who's not muhrim. Did she not spot the signs between the old man and the young lady?

Banyak lagi boleh dipersoalkan... tapi biarlah anak muda itu menikmati jodohnya dengan seorang lelaki tua. Kalau kekal bahagia, alhamdulillah. Kalau tak... ada orang nanti akan kata `padan muka!'

Perhaps, a small piece of advice that I can offer women is not to let yourself be taken advantaged of by certain men. Try to learn about the men in your relationship. Decide wisely before you commit, but even after you have decided and he turns out to be crap, don't be afraid to dump him and move on.

And if you've found someone of your dreams, hang on to him tight. You never know someone else might have eyes on him too (no matter what his age) :-)

Kama said...

Oldstock - it's true what you said. to me, age doesnt matter. our friend yg baru kawin recently, the single father affendy, is 52 and his bride 25. tapi dia did everything the proper way... dah kenal, berkenan, jumpa orang tua, mintak cara baik. leha pun agreed and now they are married. kan bagus gitu.

age gap is secondary. what matters is the approach. biar sopan, beradab dan ikut agama.

dalam kes shidee ni, the girl's mother pun tak betul caranya. 4 yrs together pun tak kemana. like you said, bukan muhrim kenapa dibiarkan close contact... sighh.... entahlah.. saya yg tumpang risau baca benda2 macam ni. maklumlah kita pun ada anak. mintak Tuhan pelihara kesejahteraan keluarga kita..

Kama said...

Soleilina & Ida - dnia dah akhir zaman.. macaM2 ada..

Anonymous said...

Salams kak kama,

baru2 ni kawan saya berumur 40+ berkahwin dgn perempuan umur 24, dgn cara tertib (meminang dsb). tak jadi soal. saya setuju yg muak dalam kes shidee ialah cara perkahwinan ini diteruskan.

tumpang lalu kak kama; to c-i-s. correct me if i am wrong (ini kena periksa bab munakahat), bukankah dilarang seseorang itu berkahwin dgn orang yang orang tuanya sudah digauli (biblically). jadi that marriage between the toyboy and his stepdaughter cannot be valid at all...

jasmani, singapura

pakmat said...

..about Tiger...all men, lady, keeps their peckers where it jutted out..:)no control over that..thank God..can't imagine it jutting out of the forehead..which would make kissing a mite difficult..but
Tiger has this problem of restraining it from entering every little orifices that came by or past by him..which makes him lil bit unique..all that power and control over his drives on the fairway does not necessarily translate into control over sex-drive..if anything, I think he deserved our pity more... for Shidee..oh, well..he is just reacting like the 51 yr old man that he final fling at grasping a receding youth by marrying a damsel half his age..a battle between pecker and mind..with the pecker winning..(love the word, lady..pecker..:) cheers..

Anonymous said...

yang pergi kasi jantan tu tinggal kat rumah dia sampai 4 tahun tu,apa kejadahnya? Anak duk tengok jantan bertina bergaul tanpa batasan apalagi,naklah rasa jugalah.

Kama said...

Jas - betul tu Jas, umur bukan persoalan. I hv no problem with orang tua kawin orang muda or vice versa. In fact, five of my seven brothers kawin isteri lebih tua (sorang tu berbelas tahun lebih tua!). Alhamdulillah kekal semuanya sampai hari ni.

Pakmat - dont you just love the word pecker....hahaha.. reminds me of Boris Becker the Pecker who humped a woman in a broom closet! LOL

Anon - betul sangat2 apa yg you kata tu ...

Raden Galoh said...

Baca blog akak baru nampak dlm newspaper semlm... alahai..sungguh tak mengikut perkembangan saya ni kak...

Patutlah bila tanya suami dia jawab: laaa berita ni you pun tka tau?

Anonymous said...

apparently 'Boris becker the pecker' did not actually hump the woman in the broom closet. She gave him a blow job, didn't swallow and impregnated herself and he paid the price for it years later with his marriage and wallet! Let that be a hard lesson to all the men out there who think oral sex isn't sex or is safe!

Also caught the movie "Fatal Attraction" on astro recently - wasn't that the ultimate female revenge fantasy..the one movie which put the fear of God and extra marital affair in men's minds!!

Kama said...

RG - semoga bertambah sihat hendaknya. No need to keep up with all the nonsense going around you, dear.. hehehe.. bukan dapat brownie points pun.. :P

Anon - Really? BJ can do make a woman pregnant? aduiii.. LOL


this whole thing -- shidee-jamaliah and shidee-anak jamaliah -- is so menggelikan. not geli hati, tapi, disgust.

i hope shidee is not a representation of the male specie.

"makan" (i'm not suggesting it literally) mak, and then mata nampak anak girlfriend dah nampak ready for the picking, hah tu dia! naik selera nak makan anak pulak!

ok-lah. dah jodoh, kan? apo nak di kato.

still...a very bad aftertaste.

Kama said...

Ena - I got your 'makan' loud and clear.. disgusting teramat kan? walaupun dah ijabkabul (tanpa permisi ibubapa, dong!), it still disgusts like hell. Dunia, dunia...