Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feast for the Eye

Guest-of-honour YB Senator Dato Maznah Mazlan, Deputy Minister of Human Resource, flanked by event organiser Datin Huda a.k.a Mamasita Mamamia (left) and Pn Farisha Pawanteh (right), COO of Media Prima's Primeworks. Standing behind are some of the Pahang artists participating in the exhibition.

An eerie rendition, featuring a big tree entwined with vines; look at it a moment too long and it gives you goosepimples.

The two paintings that had me bowled over. I assure you they truly seduce in real life; it's my amateurish photography that doesn't do them justice here.

A typical scene in the East Coast; elderly makciks hawking their meagre wares. They look so despondent... :(

Jantung Pisang & Ikan Emas, batik-style. There are a few truly exquisite batik drawings in the collection; a quirky rendition of a monkey pitcher plant is one..

Fishing boats moored at a river estuary. Melancholy sets in just by looking at this piece of realism.

Absolutely stunning; an undersea vision of a turtle swimming among bright corals. My hunch tells me this piece will appreciate in no time..

Ah, these two boys have just undergone circumcision. Gently does it, boys! Look at the folds meticulously drawn, and the batik patterns, bright and cheerful...

One can never go wrong with the humble heliconia, upright and strong in all its red glory.

This Ayam Serama series gave blogger Jaflam a sudden adrenalin rush; besides collecting art pieces, he also used to keep these highly-prized chicks.

Kampung house in the moonlight. According to the organiser, this traditional abode is located in Pekan.

Drenched in sweat, a fisherman and three friends prepare to push a boat out to sea.

Simply Captivating

These art pieces speak for themselves. That each and every single one of the paintings is special is without a doubt. Mamasita's ceaseless efforts have borne fruit. Congratulations Datin; you did fine with this commendable endeavour.

Those Pahang artists are definitely a talented lot. Just look at the fruits of their labour, now up for both public viewing and sale at TV3's Seri Pentas. I am not a connoisseur and I do not know much about art appreciation, but I know beauty when I see one.

And speaking of fruits, I am once again smitten. Fruit renditions make me go weak at the knees. Once upon a time it was Mazeri's mangosteens, now occupying a place of honour in my living room. Yesterday, it was the rambutans (pix above).

Those humble rambutans are slowly working their charm on me. And they are VERY affordable too (darn!) I really can't afford to fall in love at first sight too often.. but we'll see about this one :)

I am calling on fellow readers to spread the word around. If you happen to live in the Klang Valley, do come visit the exhibition. I understand it will be on for two weeks (until the end of the month). It's truly a feast for the eye....

PS: Another art show from the East Coast - from the talents of Kelantan this time - is in the works. We'll inform when all details are finalised.


mamasita said...

Thank you so much for being so very supportive. I cannot describe how delighted I am to know how you've enjoyed the exhibition. Thank you my dear friend.

Btw..Dato' Jaf bought the pair of ayam serama and Doc Rohaya bought the single sober ayam serama painting.

Tinggal 2 ayam serama paintings..yang Romeo looking and the fierce looking tak sabar nak berlawan looking one! hehehe

Glad you like the rambutan paintings..Hope you buy one to match your mangosteens!Boleh bukak dusun soon! hehehe

YANG GAMBI said...

Salam bro, kawan tertarik juga dengan lukisan-lukisan ni, tapi gambar yang pegang kain batik kedepan tu ngapa agaknya.....

Kama said...

Mamasita - wah, Datuk Jeff punyalah cepat beli.. He opined that the ayam serama paintings tu tugging at his pocket oredi..:) I am going there once again nanti, to 'tawaf' the buah rambutan

YG - budak2 tu lebih kurang macam iklan TM dalam TV tu la... dah potong? hehehehe..

Pi Bani said...

Lepas ni bolehlah you buka dusun buah kat apartment you... just for show, not for consumption... :)

NanaDJ said...

I hope you will buy the rambutan painting at least dapatlah I tumpang tengok sekali sekala. Itu pun kalau you invite me to your house (now that you know who the mysterious sms sender is!)
I love the ayam serama too. Last night I did my bit promoting the exhibition and challenging the moneyed orang Pahang to see the exhibition and buy the paintings. Hope I haven't lost my touch in promoting things.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Me want the real rambutan....can ah? Wish we could be there too. Dad has been mms-ing some of the paintings to my Mama. Hmm...we still have some space on the wall.

A w a n g said...

Lawo do'oh gambo-gambo ning, btw Kak Kama kenal dok dia nih :

pelukis dari Dungun.

─╣aptop™ said...

Menggamit memori betoi bila tengok gambaq tangan-tangan yang dok gengam kain batek tu.
Zaman potong ayam duduk ataih batang pisang. :-)
Riuh sekampong.

tireless mom said...

Was at Mamsita's blog earlier. Wah close up of the paintings. I agree with you that the ayam serama really like nak buat kita pencak melawan.

Kama said...

Pi - nampak gaya menjurus kearah tu dah ni :-)

NanaDJ - One day very soon, before mamasita balik kuantan i'll organise some makan kat umah with fellow makcik bloggers.. insyaallah..

Cat - they are worth buying cat. Tell dad to invest in a few.

Awang - kama dok kenal dia, awang, tapi insyaallha kalu kama organise pameran untuk pelukis tranu, will include dia.

Lap - uzaman duduk ataih batang pisang lagi ka? hahaha.. pak abu pun pi spital (pak dia gendong ataih basikal kata

TM - the ayam serama series cantik betul. macam real-life lak. no wonder datuk jeff dok ligan banyak kali :-)

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Lukisan ini semua sangat cantik, kata Pak Malim dengan mata yg lentik. Ada siapa2 nak lukis gambar Pak Malim lepas bersunat? kata kucing ray yg penat. (Tolong jangan hantar saya ke SPCA).

Pak Zawi said...

Will be visiting the exhibition today (Monday) due to difficulty of having someone else to take over nannying duty of Adam Hakimi. Hope some paintings are still available (for viewing) after so many of them being sold already.


salam Kak Puteri...ehe, nampak nyer kebun buah-buahan kak puteri menjadi tahun nie..tahniah


Salam Kak Puteri, I have some information about the exhibition from Pak Zawi. Untuk makluman Kak Puteri, PESENI belum mempunyai pejabat tetap, kebiasaanya mesyuarat di adakan di kediaman NYDP (Naib Yang diPertua). Tapi perbincangan kita nanti saya akan maklumkan kepada PESENI bhw ia akan diadakan di lokasi yang jauh dari kesibukan kota iaitu di Heritage Villa (rumah saya). Pak Zawi pun setuju, Insya Allah kita makan nasi kerabu kuning..eheh..jumpa di Heritage Villa..kirim salam kat Pak Abu


Kama said...

Insyaallah Deen, kita jumpa tak lama lagi untuk berbincang lebih lanjut. bagus tu nasi kerabu kuning..hehehe

Aa said...

r u still pro gov: