Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Road To Confusion

I am getting very confused. There are far too many e-mails with conflicting views with regards Influenza A (H1N1) in my mailbox that I don't know what to think anymore.

Just about the only common thread the senders of these e-mails share is that they meant well (at least I'd like to think they do). Still, I am pretty peeved to have found myself in this current state of uncertainty.

One e-mail said we should all be afraid - very afraid, in fact - because H1N1 will soon reach pandemic proportions (if it hasn't already) and thousands will perish. It's God's wrath upon mankind, muttered he darkly.

Another said the current death toll is much higher than what is let on but the authorities are keeping the lid on to avoid panic. "It's going to decimate our population!" screamed the writer, giving me unnecessary goose pimples.

Yet another said we are making too much out of this perceived threat. "It's just another strain of flu; it's the Press that's blowing it out of proportions," the writer poohed-poohed dismissively, conveniently taking potshots at mainstream media (sigh.. what else is new!) at the same time.

The fourth missive, claiming H1Ni as one monumental scam, was purportedly written by a paediatrician from Damansara Specialist Hospital, by the name of Dr Musa Mohd Nordin.

Calling the current H1N1-induced fear a 'sensational nonsense', he put forth a lengthy argument in support of this theory (half of which was lost on me, anyway), but I am not in the mood to humour him. Yet.

Now, who am I to believe? To paraphrase Mulder on X-Files: "The truth is out there." I'm sure it is. What remains is to sieve through the chaff to find it.

Did H1N1 begin life in a laboratory somewhere or did it really mutate from the common cold virus? Perhaps it truly is 'bala Allah swt' after all, or could it have come out of outer space? Such dizzying but not so improbable thoughts....

Conspiracy theories abound, naturally. Where would we be without these highly imaginative people, anyway. The world is having a field day blaming conspirators ranging from the US Government to Tamiflu manufacturers.

Whatever its origin, I'd rather err on the side of caution than adopt a lackadaisical attitude towards H1N1. Like I have said many times before, it's better to be safe than sorry.


Found this while scrolling my blogroll. It's a good write-up about H1N1 in Newsweek, reproduced by Hantulaut in his blog.


Kak Teh said...

Puteri, i have certainly heard about the conspiracy theories - one abt the campaign by drug companies to push their drugs.

What confuses me is the sight of people with masks on. On the flight back to malaysia, there were many people with all sorts of masks - quite trendy, some of them. One passenger behind us wore a mask - for about a few hours - the duration of his sleep. Cam lunch time, he took of the mask and ate and then had two glasses of red wine, after which mask and everything else went out of the window. He then proceeded to walk around talking to everyone, with the help of the red wine of course - then, when he ran out ofthings to say, came back to his seat, put the mask on and went to sleep until we landed.
I know that the mask doesnt stop the virus from infecting us, but for someone who is suffering from somekind of flu like symptom, surely, he should put the mask on all the time? why sat pakai sat tak pakai?

on another occassion, I was in an auditorium, celebrating Pak Samad's 75th - the one you missed. Throughout the event, one person was coughing all the way through - it was annoying and of course alarming. Takkan lah tak ingat nak keluar sebab in such a situation, a cough and a sneeze is not something to be sneezed at, bukan?

anyway, back in UK - as things are really getting out of control - yesterday's headlines talking abt mass graves for swine flu victims - I have yet to see people with masks. I think they have given up.

NanaDJ said...

I am equally confused. To wear mask or not to wear? To stay at home or go gallivanting? But Jaya Jusco is still crowded and so are all the food outlets and shopping centres. The Ministry of Health can't decide whether to calm us or panic us.
In the meantime, our cucu stayed away from school the past two weeks, his classmate got the flu followed by others in the school yet the school authorities cool saja. The parents took matters in their own hand and finally the school decided to start the holiday from this week.
Selamat berpuasa.

Kama said...

Kak Teh - what a silly thing to do, eh.. this 'pakai bukak pakai bukak' reminds me of a joke about the types of tudung (as in head cover) that Muslimat wear. I got stumped at "tudung2 yg kebanyakan mak datin glamour pakai tu tudung apa?" jawabnya "tudung saji" sebab pakai bukak pakai bukak.. and sometimes terlondeh lak tu (tak kemas macam hijab).. LOL

NanaDJ - shopping complexes dok packed jugak.. business as usual. But I am glad parents are keeping their kids at home. yesterday's paper ada report of a school teacher who died suddenly on H1N1. Kat subang jaya rasanya.

Bukit Besi said...

I would prefer to go beyond the present scare. Why don't we now examine the state of public health in our country. I strongly believe that if we eat good clean and healthy food our resistance to diseases including the swine flu will be strong, insha Allah. If we look at the state of cleanliness and quality of most of our food stalls from food to facilities little wonder that our people suffer all kinds of illnesses. This is so true every where be it in the kampongs or towns. This state of affairs can be rid of only and only if the authorities are serious enforcing rules and regulations on public health. There are so many cases in which the authorities allow food stalls to operate by the roadside sometimes without running water and fully exposed to traffic emissions etc. For sure the health of those eating at these stalls are at risk and the Government should be blamed for allowing such situation to exist.

Bukit Besi said...
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Kak Puteri..Deen here. I am going to send the painting before hari raya, so I can the painting at your house. What a great thing. Please give your address to Pak Zawi for the confirmation. Hope you happy with the painting. Ah..can I ask you something,is that NanaDj at Era? Oh..please send my regards to her..eheh..ok Selamat Berpuasa!

Kama said...

Salam Deen, nanti saya contact Pak Zawi re alamat dsb. Bagus sangatlah kalau dapat sebelum raya!


Salam Kak Puteri..ok, Insya Allah you will get the painting before Hari Raya. The painting is hanging at my new house..have a look there! See ya!