Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joe's 32 (Bila Nak Kawin?)

Hamming it up for the camera (Pak Abu, Ann & Awwa)

June, Birthday Boy (BB) and BB's momma

The pakcik-makcik duo patiently waiting for their food to arrive..

Jason showing off his new super-canggih mobile phone..

Fuzzie, Naj, June and Joe.. and Awwa

Ann & Awwa when not squabbling...

The things they make you do for a piece of cake

Happy Birthday To Youuuu!

Another milestone chalked up in son Joe's life. He reached 32 recently and we had a family 'makan' at TGIF One Utama to celebrate the occasion.

The good folks at TGIF made him stand on a chair and mush through a plate of fresh cream to get to the cherry inside. There's a message somewhere in that, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Joe! when you find the right one,dont forget to look out one for me.he he

uncle det.

Kama said...

Hehehe Det...Good one!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Happy bday Joe.

Hajjah, 32 for a guy kira ok lagi..still i doakan cepat la u dapat menantu..hahha

Naz said...

Happy Birthday!
(No rush!...hehe!)

Pi Bani said...

Happy birthday Joe! Bawak baliklah a few resumes of candidates for your mom to shortlist/blacklist (whichever applicable).

kay_leeda said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Cepat Joe...Momma dah tak sabar nak timang cucu tu :D

jaflam said...

Hai P3 Kama.
Happy birthday to Joe may the right girl steal his heart fast.

32 is big number already, mum and dad dah tak sabar nak timang cucu heheee

Kak Teh said...

Happy birthday Joe, anak mak teh pun dah dekat 28 dan masih membujang. Tak paaa, enjoy dulu.

Ariffin said...

Handsome tu the Birthday Boy....sungguh handsome...and from good pedigree some more!!

Dolu2, usia 32, pakcik dah ada 3 anak...hehehe.

tapi itu dolu2 Joe...zaman tak dak FB dan segalanya...

─╣aptop™ said...

Right Joe.
There is absolutely no need to hurry bab menikah.
Menikah/marriage is a "2 ring circus".

One is the wedding ring.
The other one is suffering.

Jangan marah ya yang dok tan nak menimang cucu.

wanshana said...

32 - still very young to get married for a guy :)

But, for the sake of the parents, I make do'a that he'll meet his Miss Right very, very soon :)

(And errrr...did he get the "message"? Hehehe!)

Aida said...

Happy Birthday to Joe....

if he's still not found one, he's just looking at the right place or looking at the wrong candidates.

That's all I can say.

From my own experience, once u've found the right one, u'd wonder why had i not looked properly BEFORE??? hahahahhaha

Good luck to him.

Kama said...

To all, Joe says TQ and that he will consider presenting Mak a list of one within 3 years!

Tommy Yew said...

Hi Joe,

Happy B’day!, 1977 was a very good year in Music. Your Mum & Dad must be grooving to these hits in celebration of you;

Tonight’s the Night – Rod Stewart

I just want to be your everything – Andy Gibb

A Star is Born – Barbra Streisand

You make me feel like dancing – Leo Sayer

You are my world – Helen Reddy

And who can forget these 2 Eagles hit;

Hotel California & New kid in Town.

Many happy returns!

P/S - Don't rush (or pressured) into getting married, ok?

Raden Galoh said...

Happy B'day Joe...
May Allah open your heart to find the right one (I'll doa for you sbb I want to rasa your nasi minyak!!)

Kak Puteri... saya pun akan merasai perasaan yg sama mcm ni jugak nanti bila anak2 sampai age yg rasa dah sesuai utk kahwin... hendaknya...insyaAllah...

tireless mom said...

Happy Birthday Joe. Mama Joe ada woman spec for the bride ke?