Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Hajar Weds Lasahi (revised)

Ikan di laut asam di darat, dalam periuk bermuafakat..

The army captain, fifth from a family of 10, hails from the highlands of Keningau, Sabah, and currently works and lives in Perlis.

The gutsy entrepreneur, the eldest of eight, manages her family business in Kuala Kangsar, lives in Ipoh and maintains another family home in Shah Alam.

I am not privy to how they met, but they had known each other for quite a while before deciding to build a life together. 

 I struggled to hold back my tears when the bride's younger brother, acting on behalf of their mom now that their 'Bapak' is no more, gave a brief but emotion-laden speech to thank those present.

When my younger brother "Ab" (Megat Wahab) passed away four years ago at the relatively young age of 48, he left behind a wife and eight children to mourn his passing.

Last week in Ipoh, Ab's eldest, Puteri Nor Hajar tied the knot with Capt Lasahi Laiji, on the heels of her younger sister Puteri Nor Sarah who wed in December last year.

It was largely a family affair, not losing sight of the fact that the Megat clan is one huge extended family. Thus, guests numbered in the thousands.

Last night the family held another do, in Kuala Lumpur this time, for special guests.

Their Royal Highnesses Raja Perlis and his Consort, HRH the Sultan of Johor and the Regent of Perlis and his Consort, were guests-of-honour at the banquet.

Others who graced the function included the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces top brass and foreign guests from as far as Austria and Germany and nearer home, from Indonesia and Thailand (largely business acquaintances and personal friends of my late brother).

It was an event steeped in army tradition; interesting and enjoyable to watch....  

Their Royal Highnesses the Sultan of Johor and Raja Perlis.

The newlyweds making their grand entrance under a canopy of ceremonial swords..

Cake-cutting ceremony.. and I kept missing out on the cake tasting!

The radiant couple flanked by their 'pengiring' and 'pengapit', and bagpipers too..

The bride's younger brother Megat Ibrahim, saying a few words on behalf of his family. My tears welled when he said the siblings were not ready to let their big sister go; she was, after all, their rock, onto whom they had clung tenaciously since their father's demise

My nieces Puteri Liana (in red tudung) and Puteri Murni (in grey tudung), daughters of my elder brothers Megat Fauzi and Megat Yusof, respectively.

Our new kin from Keningau, Sabah..

Mango jelly dessert. The banquet was arabic in nature, with succulent lamb mandey, bamia, kuzi and many other delicious offerings.

The groom's comrades (from the Airborne Unit, if I'm not mistaken) who acted as 'pengiring pengantin'....

The Solemnisation Ceremony in Ipoh 17/09/11

Naj & Joe resting after a heavy makan..

Cendol was served by the poolside.. you-know-who having his cendol fix.

With bride's mom and my sister-in-law, Datin Hjh Rosnah Abdul Latif and my eldest abang, Megat Yusof.

Arrival of orphans from several homes and orphanages in Ipoh & Kuala Kangsar.

Hantaran cake, groom to bride.

Hantaran cake, bride to groom.

Merenjis (sprinkling of scented water & bunga rampai i.e. potpourri) paraphernalia.. 

Peach-hued lace from groom to bride.

Wedding ring & bunga rampai..

Some words of advice just before the aqad...

The newlyweds...Lasahi Laiji & Puteri Nor Hajar Megat Abdul Wahab..

I absolutely love this picture of Ayah Sulong Megat Najmuddin with his great grandnieces! Cicit tuu....

Hajar in a pensive mood on the balcony..

Lasahi & Hajar with their Mak Yong's family..

The dais..


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Looks very posh, eh? OK, which fiance can afford to give me that kind of wedding? purrr...meow!

Sheriej said...

kak pu3 kay, nice post but theres an error in name spell; it should be Capt Lasahi LAIJI;;; not Lasahi Layi! heee ;)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

sheriej.. oh oh.. lol.. ok nanti nak pebetui..

precious innocent said...

u were there???!!! alaaaaa awat tak nampak!!! no wonder emma macam ternampak ur hubby...


Wan Sharif said...

Agreed with cat that it looks like a very posh wedding..
Mak Yong will definitely enjoy the lamb mandey ;)

Puteri Liana said...

Aikk, ada jugak gambar. good to see you aunty.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

cat - time to look for a cat prince, angelina.. meow!

emma - i saw you too emma, from afar. by the time nak balik, couldnt find you anywhere. i did manage to speak with juriah and the rest of yr gang from RM days..

ayoh wang - i hv always been a lamb/mutton person, ayoh wang.. ada daging kambing saya in 7th heaven

liana - nice to see you too sweetheart.. jarang2 sekali berjumpa.. next time kalu lalu kot tepen boleh ler singgah..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Kalau arwah dato ada pasti lebih meriah. miss him so much.