Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pak Abu's Birthday

Halal tiramisu (made without its customary rum)

Awwa flanked by Italiannies GM, Celina Wu (left), and big sister Ann

The family went Italian for Pak Abu's birthday dinner.

Pak Aji Tarmizi a.k.a. Pak Abu looking beat. Apa tidaknya, he put in 18 holes of golf despite fasting. That's four hours of walking under the hot afternoon sun without the benefit of drinking water.

Italiannies, the restorante famous for its spaghetti with mega-sized meatballs. This outlet is in One Utama (new wing).

Pak Abu turned 58 Wednesday. To celebrate the occasion, the family adjourned to Italiannies in One Utama (just down the road from our living quarters) after Maghrib for dinner.

It was a strictly family affair, although eldest son Naj was unable to join us (he had to attend a client's buka puasa do). He dropped by the house later in the evening for coffee, though.

As its name suggests, Italiannies serves authentic, and decidedly delicious, Italian fare. Servings traditionally come in big portions; one dish can eat two or more.

We ordered family portions of spaghetti with meatballs, caesar's salad mixed with fruits, fried calamari and baked stuffed mushrooms, eaten with bread dipped in olive oil and seasoned with herbs.

The outlet's general manager, Celina Wu, is a close buddy of Awwa. They have known each other for almost a decade. They were once college mates and working colleagues.

By the same token, I have known bubbly Celina for just as long; she used to ferry Awwa when they were co-workers at the same food outlet in the heart of Kuala Lumpur a few years ago.

Celina even broke fast with us once. All these, and we weren't in the loop until last night that she is the daughter of our good friend and fellow Lake Club member, Pansy.

In all, it was a pleasant evening out and a welcome break from the usual buka puasa fare of kuih muih, rice and lauk pauk.

I wouldn't recommend going Italian or Mediterranean during the fasting month though, because the food is rich and creamy, thus heavy on an empty stomach. If you must, go for rice-based, all-in-one paella; it's nice and filling.

In fact, I felt a slight twinge of headache when we got home, no doubt from the cheeses. Nevertheless, we enjoyed both the food and the company.

The birthday boy received two Greg Norman golf shirts, one black the other red, courtesy of son Joe.

Ann says she would match by getting him a Panama hat to replace the felt one he lost when our car was spirited away by thieves a few months back.

Currently Pak Abu is exhausting his supply of freebies - baseball caps, T-shirts, handtowels - for his daily swing.

Happy Birthday Pa.... Semoga Allah swt perkukuhkan lagi iman, panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki dan pelihara kesihatan, and that you'll have many more years of good golf....


Pi Bani said...

Happy birthday Pak Abu!

lizaimen's blog said...

Happy Birthday from all of us as well!! May Allah keep you in His graces. Happy golfing!!

kay_leeda said...

Happy birthday Pak Abu!! Murah rezeki, panjang umur & sihat selalu (for golf and many more...)

Wan Sharif said...

Wow, Kuat jugak tu.. to spend four hours walking under the hot sun in Ramadhan.. Selamat menyambut hari lahir Pak Aji Tarmizi, semuga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sihat tubuh badan sokmo sokmo!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Happy Birthday Pak Abu! Hmmm....Lillie and Juliette dah sah kena tinggal kat rumah tu. purrr....meow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday big boy.

What? And I thot Pansy was 35.


Pak Zawi said...

Happy Birthday Pak Abu. How I wish I can be as strong as you.

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Happy Birthday to Pak Abu !! 58 is still young !!

Zendra-Maria said...

Happy 58th Pak Abu! You look like you had a good round that day :)

Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

Happy birthday Pak Abu...

semuga murah rezeki panjang umur...happy ber golf-ing dan berkaraoke!

eh dah 58 ya....tapi nampak muda je!

Shahieda said...

Happy birthday to Pak Abu! May the year ahead be a joyous and prosperous one Insha-Allah!

Gosh that tiramisu looks decadent, Sis Puteri, YUMS! Is there any chance we could get the recipe?? *wink, wink*

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Happy 58th Pak Abu.

I must give it to u golfer die-hards; Like in that 'ain't no mountain' song says; No wind, no rain or winter's cold can stop u from having a round, in your case fasting too hmmmm I'm impressed!

Here’s to your good health.


Kak Teh said...

Selamat ulang tahun Pak Abu, semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan lagi rezki. Both you and Puteri have been very kind to us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your wishes. Ameen.
Anyway, the golf during fasting month is not much of an effort. Nowadays the buggy helps transport the golfer, the caddy and the golf bag. The caddy helps to do the running, searching for errant balls and fetching clubs from the buggy. I need the sweat, which I do due to the hot sun. To cool down I use wet hand towel to wipe sweat from my hands, face and neck. Anyone can do it.
Pak Abu.

Pp said...

happy birthday pak abu!
swinging healthy into your sixties and beyond...may your paryers and those of your loved ones come true. My prayer to add...


mekyam said...

happy b'day, pak abu! wish you all health and happiness and as much golf as you desire always!

p.s. mak abu, i know you pretty much leave him and his golfing alone, but you MUST INSIST he takes water along. 4 hours of exercise without drinking cannot be good.

Tarmizi said...

Salam Mek Yam. Mana boleh minum, bulan posa nih.
Pak Abu

mekyam said...

oh tak ya! my bad! hahaha!

still i hope you rest a lot between holes, pak abu. :D

Mrs MG58 said...

Happy Birthday Pak Abu! He looks much, much younger than 58! Congratulations!

pakmat said...

..58,, when was it that I was 58?..and tiramisu? such luck here in Bachok..tiram ada..but happy birthday, anyways..may there be many more birthdays and may you continue hitting a full 18 no matter your age..cheers

Fakeh said...

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