Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Rant

I am not exactly thrilled to open the papers these days. Being greeted by far too many unpleasant tidbits as one's breakfast fodder is hazardous to one's mental health. Unfortunately, I do not have the privilege of choice in this matter.

Like it or not, scanning the dailies is one thing I have to do as a public relations consultant. The need to be on the ball is key to my professional survival. Reading the papers, therefore, is my occupational hazard.

Before I ramble on, let me get something off my chest first. I have a wish that I have been harbouring for a while now. I want to strangle the next person who rubbishes the media, mainstream or otherwise.

So if you happen to find yourself in my company, please be warned. Stop being a self-righteous prick by branding this paper and that as a propaganda machine because they are, no matter where they stand; to the left, right or in no man's land.

For every newspaper that is unashamedly pro-establishment, there is another that's nothing less than the opposition mouthpiece. They answer to different political masters after all, thus serve their respective master's interests.

So stop pontificating. Chuck that 'holier than thou' attitude before I swat your face with 'ollewspaper'. I am first and foremost a journalist; insult the papers and you are insulting my profession.

Time to go read the papers. I need meat for my writing...

PS: I used to read the official newspaper of an 'Islamic' political party in days of yore for its pretty decent articles on Islam, before the tone and manner of writing in that party organ became so politically rabid and lopsided that I lost interest...


mamasita said...

Puteri..I'm glad you cakap what you read in the papers yang make darah you menyirap, bukan kat internet.

Haritu sak ada tulis jugak sikit kat blog dia pasal standard NST today..I hope you tak marah dia yea..dia memang suka cakap openly about everything..except bab how many ex-girlfriends hes got..hahaha
( malam ni I sure tidur atas couch!)

Pak Idrus said...

Kama, to keep me healthy I have stop reading, listening and watching the MSM.

Have a nice day.

Pi Bani said...

I malas nak baca paper nowadays, not because anti mainstream media ke apa, but because berita-berita sekarang menyakitkan hati and jiwa. Apalah nak jadi kat dunia ni?

And on the internet, kalau cerita politik, no matter which side, memang I stay away - not my cup of tea. Berita kat TV tengok jugaklah, otherwise tak tau langsung perkembangan semasa... jadi macam frog under coconut shell le pulak!

pakmat said... comment on the normal font..this old man have grown used to the stance taken on mainstream paper by the oppositions..and the banning of NST by LGE takes the cake of juvenilism when being criticised..

..but you italics is interesting..:) you used to read that 'islamic' newspaper?..:)hmm..I would have thought you would not have given it a glance..before or now..cheers, anyway..:)

mekyam said...

LOL! love your rant, princess. :D

i agree with you about those who keep complaining about the partisanship of various media. they are either naive or just want to be irritating.

everyone knows real neutrality is non-existent. even the most fair media in the world has a bias. so best is to just suck it, read what pleases us and rebut/comment, if so inclined, without harping on the obvious. ;D

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

NanaDJ said...

Regardless of my own misgivings about MSM newspapers, maybe out of habit (had to read all the newspapers, including Utusan Melayu, so that I can bring to my MD's attention the important news by the time he gets into office - one of my jobs as the Bank's Public Affair's head)I still read at least 3 newspapers daily and on Sundays all the 4 newspapers.
But today my heart goes out to A, after reading the front page, she doesn't need this setback not when she is still fighting her illness.I could only send her my doa.
Anyway, trust our Datin, tiba-tiba masuk cerita Datuk's ex-girlfriends pula. Wonder what next?

Kama said...

mamasita - yg bertulis diinternet ni pun banyak juga yg buat darah saya menyirap..tapi saya astaghafar ajalah bila baca..

pak idrus & pi - i wish i can do the same, pak, tapi my job requires me to keep abreast with current affairs, so takder choice..

pakmat - as a journalist saya selalu juga kena 'cover' perhimpunan agung umno, khususnya wanita umno, jadi opposition papers ni takmau tidak kena jugak baca. in the final analysis, they are all the same..politicking sampai nak lemas rasanya..

mekyam - absolutely. if we want a truly neutral paper, we have to print our own..hehehe..majalah sekolah pun ada elements of biasness..

nana - too true. something ios missing kalau tak baca paper pagi2. I remember during our UK days, every day we ploughed through no less than 10 dailies... and of course the other half would linger over The Sun's page three girls a tad longer than the rest.. hehehe..

Patricia said...

Since it is confession time, I need to say that I can't stand reading the msm mainly because of its bias. Which of course I know is a given. I guess, at a stretch, one could say that it's their role. (Yah, pushing it, eh?)

On the other hand, many in the so-called alternative media suck bigtime, and for the very reasons they fault the msm. They, too, are just as biased, and would probably be shocked and dismayed to be told that!

Sad lah. But such is how it is :(

I myself know that I cannot write objectively, even when I try to. Somewhere in there, you'll find my slant. And I can, if I put my mind to it, and really without too much effort, find out the slant of most writers who pretend to be 'neutral'!

But shunning the msm, or blogs, is not the way to go. Information and knowledge is power - clich├ęd though that is! You need to know - be it the enemy or a so-called friend - in order to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Pontificating, eh? Hehehe. Couldn't help it.

Btw, what is 'ollewspaper? I Googled it, and out popped your blog post! Big help, lah, Google!

Kama said...

Haiyaaa Pat! hahaha.. "OLLEWSPAPER! PAPER LAMA!" (psstt.. the Chinese version I donno la Pat.. heheh)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Puteri, if u swat my face with 'olLEWDspaper', I might get all excited especially if it's the Sun with its oooolala page 3...hehehe.

What about no news IS good news!


Kama said...

hehehe tommy.. aiyo.. those Page Three titties knocked me off la.. huge knockers all.. LOL