Thursday, October 6, 2011

..... SIGH...!

Heaven knows I'm guilty of so many things, with procrastination topping the list. For sure it wasn't indolence because writing is a passion and half the time I couldn't even wait to articulate my thoughts.

The mind is, and has always been, a fertile field waiting to be tilled, but recent developments (both in and away from, cybersphere) had somehow stifled my creativity.

Petty cyber altercations over seemingly inane issues had resulted in a friendship lost. Then again, what's friendship if it's a one-way street? Mourn the loss I don't, and a dignified silence I shall keep at all times. 

Politics is providing ample sideshows; everybody seem to be behaving like primates (no offence to monyet, beruk, ungka, siamang, orangutan, gorila anywhere) that I wouldn't be too surprised if our next crop of ADUNs and MPs turned out to be real swingers... the kind that sway from tree to tree.

Some so-po blogs make me want to throw up. Also, I'd gladly puke on that rude movie director wannabe Namawee, whose vocabulary is so sorely limited that he couldn't string a decent sentence together without effing everything and everyone.

And then there's the darn car; it finally found its way to a Merc specialist shop in SS2. The diagnosis? Change the carburator; it's blocked beyond repair. (also here)

Pak Abu found one on the Net, and almost immediately got scammed. The money was deposited but the item never materialised. Only after a police report was threatened was the money reimbursed.

As though all these weren't enough, two weeks ago I received a letter from the Income Tax Department (JHDN), asking me to fork out a hefty sum for a company that has long folded (almost 20 years ago). 

Granted I was a director, but so were two others. Now, I have not a shred of document on me; they were in the safekeeping of the accounting firm that had managed the erstwhile company's finances.

Looks like next week I shall have to trudge to JHDN and sort this out. Things are not going to be pretty, I'm quite sure of this .....

To top it off, I have received wonderful gifts for which the givers have not been properly thanked and acknowledged - I'm so tardy it's shameful.

Thank you Omar Kamish, my 'son' from South Africa who took the trouble to despatch a pair of beautifully carved wooden salad set and a colourful, decoupage ostrich egg. 

... featuring the famous 'Big Five' of Africa - lion, buffalo, leaopard, elephant and rhino - on one side... 

... and an old map of the African continent on the other.

Carved salad set featuring the head of a giraffe. 

And finally, thank you from the bottom of my heart to London-based blogger Zaharah Othman (a.k.a. Kak Teh) who, well knowing my penchant for decorative plates (also here), presented yours truly with this truly charming Katherine & William commemorative piece..

My resolve for October? To be more consistent with my blog updates, Insyaallah..


Monyet King said...

not easy to continuously write... sigh

Kak Teh said...

Puteri, I have been wanting to resume my blogging, alas....things are really getting a bit chaotic at the moment. And I dont know what to start with first. November date in Malaysia might not become a reality, sad to say. But who knows. Insyaallah.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Buatlah Wordless Everyday....har har har *evil laughs*

Wan Sharif said...

Saya tunggu...

Pak Idrus said...

I am surprised that you still kept that Merc. Cars are not made to last now. Take care.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

MK - tell me about it, my dear.. tiring, kan?

Kteh - i pray that you'll get home again in november.

Cat - wordless everyday? LOL

Yohwang - 'kang jadi macam tunggu buah tak jatuh pulok.. :D

Pak Idrus - actually we are fixing it because we want to sell it, pak. we really dont want to keep it, but wouldnt want to sell anyone a lemon either. tu yg still trying to get it properly repaired.

remgold said...

buried by work, burdened by government, bored by boorish politicians.
but writing takes the load off your shoulders, transfers nervous energy from your fingers to the keyboard, and makes the heart beat faster.

and the world
reads with thee.

(wah steadylah aku).

Pak Idrus said...

If you want to sell a car now do not repair it, it is wasting your money. The buyer would ask you how old the car is and they will fix the price and they are not interested in seeing the car at all. That is the reality of the secondhand car market now.

Naz in Norway said...

Salam Kak Puteri,
...same here....have been struggling to tick things off my task list the last few weeks. Even played with the thought of deactivating my FB account and quit blogging. Dah agak parah dah tu! :D
Finally found my mojo to blog again...out of the blue.
There's hope....there is hope...LOL

Anonymous said...

I too got a love letter from JHDN when I have stopped working for 10 years.
I nearly choked on my food the amount I was said to owe them is more than RM10,000.
I will be seeing them next week too.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Puteri,
En. Suami pon ada terima surat dr LHDN, kena bayar bbrp ribu to them, (coz husband tak hantar borang just isi on-line jer), starting utk tahun 2006-2010. humm kuat betoll org LHDN ni bekerja sekarang.. so 'sengkek' jugakla kena buat potongan selama setengah tahun.. dahla barang makin naik nie..