Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Opah Checks In...

Here I am, back again for the umpteenth time, with yet another promise to stay committed (and not really believing if I ever could). The flesh has been weak for the longest time now but the spirit remains willing, that much I can admit to. 

There was a time when putting pen to paper (so to speak) was as natural as doing one's daily toilette, and just as satisfying. Somewhere along the way, however, something happened. The thoughts plateaued and dimmed, lethargy set in, procrastination ensued.

The last time 'Kata Kama' saw life, on January 17, 2013, I was a freshly-minted opah (grandma), hardly a month old. Today there are three cucus in tow - Hasan, Ijaz and Hasan's little sister, Huda.

Way back in 2008 whilst on the haj pilgrimage with Pak Abu and two years later during umrah with the whole family, I shed tears at the foot of Jabal Rahmah, asking for Allah's mercy to bless my children with marriage and little ones of their own. 

Five years on, the household has expanded to include two sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law. God willing, another daughter-in-law will complete the equation come February next year.

All things considered, life has been good and kind. There had been kinks aplenty in the past and I know life may still spring a surprise or two even at this ripe age. But rest assured, I no longer sweat the small stuffs.

And this is as far as mukadimah goes. Watch this space (after all, the crazometer has been de-activated) and in the mean time, have a Kitkat!